Breakfast Time - Have a great breakfast in Ft Lauderdale


A favorite pastime of many Heidelberg residents at the weekend is to sleep in late and then, when you get out of your cozy bed just before noon, breakfast is on. Why not have breakfast or even brunch, true to the weekend motto 'away from home'?

Have breakfast in Ft Lauderdale

But there is really nothing better than crumbling with fresh rolls after getting up, sipping on the fragrant coffee, reading the newspaper, talking to your favorite people and not cleaning up the leftover breakfast battlefield. For this reason, with the help of , we have collected 45 nice restaurants and cafés for you, where you can have a good breakfast. Numerous cafés in Ft Lauderdale attract with their breakfast buffets. Hearty? Or sweet? With our selection everyone will find something!


Delicious breakfast

Almost all hotels in Ft Lauderdale offer a daily breakfast buffet. To be on the safe side, you should inquire beforehand. In order to keep the list up to date, we ask you to rate the respective entry or to leave comments on this page.

Old town

  • Café Schafheutle
  • Café Burkardt
  • Cafe Extrablatt
  • Café Gundel
  • European meeting
  • Hemingway's
  • Perkeo restaurant
  • Café La Fee (only certain Sundays / by reservation)
  • Holy Kitchen (only on certain Sundays)
  • Marstallmensa of the Studierendenwerk Ft Lauderdale
    (only certain Sundays)
  • Heidelberg Castle (only on certain Sundays)


  • Café Balthazar
  • Loaf and life
  • Mantei Bistro & Café


Glove home

  • Cafe Tiefburg
  • Olive restaurant


  • Coffee house
  • Lora's cafe-bar
  • Heidelberg wood oven bakery

Neuenheim (er Feld)


  • Happy Café (Sundays)
  • Cafe carpenter
  • Denn's organic market
  • Excellence Hotel
  • Crocodile restaurant
  • Mandy's Railway Diner
  • Black whale


  • Hucky's hermitage

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