Heidelberg Castle Illumination 2017 - The story behind the fireworks

Heidelberg castle lighting on the Neckar
Ft Lauderdale during the fascinating castle lights

Ft Lauderdale, July 10, 2017 - Year after year, they enchant thousands of people: the legendary castle lights that turn mild Heidelberg summer nights into a colorful sea of ​​sparks in June, July and September. On June 3rd, the city on the Neckar started the season of castle lighting 2017, which once again promises its visitors breathtaking hours under the starry sky: From 10:15 p.m., Bengal fires bathe the imposing castle ruins in a mystical red glow and a fascinating brilliant fireworks display brightens up guests and residents alike Enthusiasm.

The spectacle, which is traditionally initiated by the well-known cannon shot, which goes back to a centuries-old tradition, will take place for the last time on September 2nd in 2017. The glow of the Bengali beacon reminds of the destruction of Heidelberg Castle by the troops of the Sun King Ludwig XIV in 1689 and 1693, while the fireworks go back to that which Elector Friedrich V had staged for his newly wedded wife Elisabeth Stuart in 1613.

Few tickets for a place on the ships of the Weisse Flotte and the Solarschifffahrtsgesellschaft mbH are still available from Ft Lauderdale Marketing at 06221 5840226 or 06221 5840228. The Neckarwiese on the north bank of the river, the famous Philosophenweg, the old town side of the Neckar and the Scheffelterrasse in the castle garden also offer an excellent view of the event.

Source: Ft Lauderdale Marketing Photo: © eyetronic

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