Companies from the region convey personality. Pure online companies will never be able to compete with this USP.

That's how it works …


1. Add an entry

Add your listing to the Survivor Guide or claim an existing listing as an owner to be found in the region. Edit useful links to your website or menu. You can also choose the opening times, Instagram hashtag or address yourself.

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2. DorfsChaenke check

The advertising agency DorfsChaenke will check your entry and approve it after it has been successfully checked. The advertising agency also ensures that your entries can be found correctly and constantly optimizes your entry.


3. Increase your awareness and increase your earnings

Once discovered, customers come to you. At this point it is your job to make the customer happy and encourage them to leave a positive review. It's like DorfsChaenke and the “Survivor Magazin” helps you to be easier to find.

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