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A family loan is a great thing! Family bond With its family loan for small and medium-sized households, Munic Bank makes it easier to fulfill their wish to own their own home. The loan is best tailored to your needs. With the family loan of the Munic Bank, the way is clear for your dream property. The financing option is perfectly tailored to the needs of the family. When will you receive a family loan from Munic Mortgage?

Especially for low-income households, the family loan of the Munic Bank facilitates the realization of their dream of owning their own four walls. You have at least one baby for whom you receive child-care allowance. For every additional child the earnings limit rises by 5,000 EUR. The loan may only be used for land that you share.

Family loans – you should pay attention!

Family loans - you should pay attention!

There are several lending trends, one of which is certain that consumers in need of credit are increasingly looking for an alternative to traditional bank lending. For example, the credit markets are expanding, opening up the possibility for private individuals to lend money through a private lender. Today, credit institutions, car dealers, dealers, entrepreneurs and even family members can act as lenders.

Especially when you are rushing to lend or perhaps because of a bad Schufa entry, there is the dilemma that lending to a house bank is rather unusual and the consumers are looking for countermeasures. Because larger purchases such as a car in the family and relative circle are often discussed, z. From the side of the grandfather or the housewife quickly the idea of ​​helping the grandfather or the housewife.

Therefore, it is particularly important for the lender to have legal certainty, at least through the financing contract. But for the borrower as well, the contract has an advantage because it contains all the key figures on the loan, so that in case of misunderstandings or discrepancies, no serious problems between the family members occur later.

Unlike many other contracts, it is not necessary that the loan agreement be created on the PC or even notarized or authenticated by a notarial office. Rather, it is sufficient if the letter of credit agreement is recorded from the outset on a commercial format in A4 format. However, it should be ensured that the font is easy to understand, so that there are no doubts or misleading details in the order.

Personal loan agreement

Personal loan agreement

The number of ratios and information, which ideally should also be included in a personal loan agreement, is large. This, of course, also includes the loan amount that was ultimately paid by the grandfather to his grandfather, for example. The timing of the disbursement is particularly significant, and in case of doubt, the lender should also be able to prove that he has paid the loan amount indicated in the loan agreement to the borrower.

Such a loan agreement, the z. For example, if you are a family member, it is by no means a letter of no confidence. Instead, the loan agreement is a legal security for both sides, because of course no one can rule out the further development that it could lead to disagreements or even disputes.

Key figures that include the aforementioned loan amount are the payout date, the agreed interest amount, the repayment period, and any procedures if the borrower prematurely terminates the loan agreement. Under no circumstances may the signing of the two parties to the loan agreement be omitted, because only under this condition is it legally valid without any further restrictions.