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What is included in the Emergency Fund | Loan

We discussed the emergency fund and the importance of having it on Betsey Trotwood’s blog before. In short, the blog also explained how much money you should prepare. This time, we will discuss three things that you must take into account in preparing an emergency fund.

Once you understand the emergency fund and its important reasons for you, now is the time for you to explore what the emergency fund should cover. This is to avoid missed calculations that you have prepared. Here are what you have to calculate:

Basic needs

Betsey Trotwood’s blog that previously discussed that your emergency fund must be able to meet your basic needs for at least 6 months. The basic needs in question are:

  • Monthly shopping costs
  • Budget for eating and family
  • Transportation, including fuel, car maintenance, and the cost of using public transportation
  • Home maintenance, such as electricity, water, telephone, internet, salary of household assistants
  • Telecommunication costs such as credit or mobile phone bills
  • School needs for children, starting with school fees, pocket money, books and so on
  • Budget for entertainment

You can also calculate other monthly needs. Depending on the priority and importance of these costs for your and your family’s survival, and of course your ability to prepare the emergency fund every month.



In addition to the basic needs mentioned above, do not miss monthly bills that are automatically billed on your credit card or bank account.

Emergency funds must also be able to cover your bills every month. For example, credit card installment bills, insurance premiums, home installments, car payments, funds for parents, and so on.

You cannot miss these bills because in general the bills will be fined if there is a delay in payment.

Risk of Sickness

Risk of Sickness

The last thing you should take into account in preparing an emergency fund is the cost of care and medication if you and / or your family falls ill. A person’s health is unpredictable, so it is highly recommended to prepare some money to cover the costs if you fall ill.

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