3 nights of burglaries plague several businesses in popular Asia Town in Katy region

KATY, TX (KTRK) — Eleven businesses in Asiatown, in the Katy region, had their windows smashed by a burglar for three consecutive nights.

BreakTime Tea Lounge, Black Pearl Seafood Bar, Yummy Pho, Bo Ne, Beardpapa Ktown, Ding Tea, Fork It and Lava Coffee were among the businesses affected near Katy Highway and the Grand Parkway.

Tasha Mabry, the owner of Fork It, moved from New York to Texas earlier in 2022 to open her restaurant. It has only been open for 25 days and already deals with criminals. Mabry said her store was robbed the first night.

“It’s shocking, especially so early in the business,” Mabry said. “You try to catapult yourself and you depend on people to come and support you. It hurts.”

Mabry said the burglar only got away with petty cash, but she spent hundreds of dollars replacing the glass in her door.

“We’re actually family businesses, so a lot of people are boot-strapping,” Mabry explained. “They get loans or they bring their families here to help them. It can be crippling, literally.”

Many companies in the center captured the crimes with their surveillance cameras. The man, who they believe to be the same person every night, looks out the window of the business and looks around in the parking lot before throwing a stone through the window and walking inside.

Unfortunately, Mabry’s cameras weren’t working the night Fork It was hit.

“Honestly, I’m pretty happy,” she explained. “I don’t know if it’s weird. When I saw the pictures of the neighbors I had played it differently. I thought maybe it was kids, but when I saw the act. That’s what got the better of me. It was pretty violent.”

Gilbert Fung, the owner of the Dimsum Box, said his business had not yet been robbed. Not yet, Fung says, at least because he’s been keeping a close eye on what’s been happening at nearby restaurants.

“We leave our lights on, Fung said. “We do our best to deter.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office said it is aware of the frequent break-ins and will increase patrols in the area.

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