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When Peter Kreuziger set foot in the building that would become Bon Appétit, his first restaurant, he wanted to turn around. “The place was so run down,” said Peter.

His business partner, Karl Heinz Riedl, however, could see the potential and they bought the property. That was 45 years ago.

Together, Peter and Karl, through the Bon Appétit group, now also own another restaurant in Dunedin (Café Alfresco), around 25 storefronts, as well as wedding venues, snack bars and restaurants on the Moon Islands. of honey and Caladesi. They employ more than 250 people.

Unfortunately, all of the businesses owned by Peter and Karl have been significantly affected by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. In March, they had to shut everything down and lay off more than 200 people.

But on May 4, they reopened, with help from the Federal Paycheck Protection Program and Achieva Credit Union.

Since buying that first building in Dunedin, Peter and Karl had been doing business with the same big bank. But when loans became available through the paycheck protection program, the bank said it couldn’t help. “I said, ‘Are you kidding? “, Said Peter. “How many other clients do you have with a 45-year history with you? “

A contact at the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce recommended Achieva. The next day, the company’s controller contacted an Achieva representative, and they quickly submitted their request for PPP funds. “The next call I got was from someone who said, ‘You’ve been approved, come get your money,’” said Peter.

After that, he transferred all of his business accounts to Achieva. “It’s really different from a bank,” he said. “The attitude and everything that comes from Achieva is different – people are so sincere and easy going.”

Whatever happens in 2021, Peter and Karl are ready – they know their business is essential in their own way. “We are in the realm of ‘happy’,” said Peter. “What we do every day is make people happy. Dinner for two, wedding reception. Anything that makes people feel good.

For more information on Achieva Credit Union, visit www.achievacu.com I 800.593.2274

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