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TRAFFORD, PA – The Kickstand Grille had to close their dining hall at one point due to staffing issues – now that their busy season is approaching they are looking to hire more positions but are struggling to fill them.

“Extremely frustrating because when you are in this business you are doing everything you can do, every minute of the day, to build it. And when you get it built and you can’t fix it, that’s the most frustrating part. “

Mike Mapstone has owned and operated the Kickstand Grille in Trafford for seven years. He had no problem maintaining a full staff until the pandemic struck, and despite an overwhelming response to help wanted ads, he still struggles to hire.

“I had 112 people who applied through our various ads, 112 scheduled interviews, not a single person showed up.”

Mapstone has had to cut operating hours because it doesn’t have enough workers to take the shifts to stay open.

“I am the cook. I’m the answering machine on the phone in the drive-thru window; order taker, accounts payable, accounts receivable. “

The Kickstand Grille has since hired two employees, but around four more positions remain to be filled. However, Mapstone cannot understand why it has been so difficult to find suitable workers for the job.

“It seems strange that I have so many answers, and none of those people have ever come forward.”

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