Columbus man creates spreadsheet of chicken wing restaurants and promotions

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Austin Yochus used his time in quarantine to document one of his greatest interests in the city of Columbus.

Chicken wings.

Yochus has created a comprehensive spreadsheet for not only all chicken wings in Columbus, but also when and where wing promotions in the city take place. The idea came to Yochus as a tool he and his friends could use to find new wings in the city.

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For years, Yochus and his friends went to the same places for pizza and wings. Then when COVID hit, he started thinking about the impact on small businesses.

“I realized Columbus is a food mecca, Yochus, 26, said. “There is an unlimited supply of restaurants here and there are lots of small local family shops that offer amazing food that was really affected by the pandemic at the time. Lots of places had to close or only did takeout. My friends and I wanted to support some of these businesses, and at the same time we were trying to find the best wings in Columbus.

Documenting the Best Chicken Wing Restaurants in Columbus

He initially launched the spreadsheet on the notes app on his phone. He received advice on new places on the wings through the Facebook group Chicken Wing Connoisseurs of Columbus, of which he is one of the administrators.

Members are here to “spread the love for all the best places to go for wings!”

Yochus noticed people asking what the daily wing specials were on a specific weekday or weekend. People were commenting back and forth, answering each other’s questions, and Yochus was adding the restaurants to his list and researching them.

Then a light bulb went out.

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“What if I put all of this in a spreadsheet? said Yochus. “It will be really easy. I can break it down by day, location, or what the specialty is, if there are any recommendations for sauces or something like that.

He first created the spreadsheet in January 2021 and posted it to his personal Facebook page, Chicken Wing Connoisseurs of Columbus, and another Facebook group called Pizza Connoisseurs of Columbus.

Yochus Columbus Chicken Wings Restaurants, Updated Promotions Spreadsheet for 2022

However, he soon encountered some problems. The supply chain crisis has affected many industries, especially in food.

“The price of chicken wings has really gone up, like (it) doubled or tripled, so a lot of places got rid of their specials,” Yochus said. “My spreadsheet was now outdated. I had all these promotions a year and a half ago.

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People started asking him if his spreadsheet had been updated, so he got up to answer the request. He scoured Facebook comments and restaurant websites to update his spreadsheet for 2022.

“It actually took me several hours throughout the week to go through and find out what places still had specials, or if their special was still the same, if they changed the price, if they changed the day .”

Austin Yochus eats a chicken wing at the Pastimes Pub.

‘…It’s pretty cool to go around and try the different places’

Despite taking off on his Columbus Chicken Wings trip, Yochus still hasn’t visited all of the Columbus Wings. He likes to save the spreadsheet and use it when he is with his friends.

Two years ago, during the first half of the pandemic, Yochus lost 50 pounds and only allowed himself one “cheat” meal a week.

Do you want to guess what it was?

“For the past two years, randomly, if my friends and I were like, ‘Oh, let’s get wings.’ I would check the wing sheet and try to find a spot we haven’t tried yet.

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His favorite sauce is either classic barbecue or Carolina Gold.

“What’s cool about it is like trying these different places, they have different wing styles,” Yochus said. “They have different manufacturing processes, different sauces, so it’s pretty cool to shop around and try the different places and then compare and contrast and rank them for yourself.”

To view the spreadsheet, visit

David Kwiatkowski is an intern for The Columbus Dispatch. You can reach him on Twitter @kwiatkdm or his email [email protected]

Austin Yochus’ 5 Favorite Wing Stops

In no particular order:

• The Galloway Tavern, 1954 Galloway Road, Galloway

• Grandview Cafe, 1455 W. 3rd Ave., Grandview Heights

• Pub Pas-temps in Crosswoods, 121 E. Campus View Blvd.

• Roadhouse Wings & Grille, 2177 Hilliard Rome Road, Hilliard

• Club 185, 185 E. Livingston Ave.

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