Comfortable Northwest Ohio restaurant with a curbside hit



PERRYSBURG, Ohio – While some restaurants reopened their indoor dining to limited capacity earlier in the pandemic, some have embraced the new business model and haven’t even cared.

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic began, the owners of Balance Pan Asian Grille took immediate action and closed their doors to eat inside.

Fast forward over a year and his pickup still curbside only.
However, HoChan “CJ” Jang co-owner said they were only waiting for Governor DeWine’s official word to reopen without restrictions.

“We are patiently waiting to make sure that on June 2, we make sure that the entire six-foot distance and mask mandate changes, in fact,” Jang said.

Jang said that just because Libra is reopening the restaurants inside doesn’t mean he’s getting rid of his take-out service. Jang says customers want the convenience and the ability to do both.

“I think we’ve learned a lot during COVID-19 and all of these changes we’ve made to customers and employees are only for the best,” Jang said.

Jimmy “Yimmy” Planas, an employee at Balance in Perrysburg, said curb dining is a new experience, but he knows he and his team are ready to welcome customers inside now.

“I think returning customers will be a new experience because of the way everything went. But we’ve been doing this for what, 11 years now? So we’ll continue to do it,” Planas said.

Jang also said he was able to take advantage of the weather and give a few stores a facelift. He added kiosks to order food, new tables and chairs, among many other improvements.

“We kind of wanted to put the money we made back into our business and renovate, so we made a lot of interior changes. Call it ‘Libra 2.0’, ”Jang said.

Jang says downtown will remain closed until construction on Summit Street clears up, just in time for the Solheim Cup in September.


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