Delicious salmon lunch at Yankee Pier SFO (Restaurant Priority Pass)

My wife and I fast until noon, so when we arrived from Burbank to San Francisco before our Lufthansa trip to Germany, we headed straight to Yankee Pier for lunch, always a great Priority pass Restaurant.

Yankee Pier SFO Review [2022]

During the pandemic, Yankee Pier is significantly reducing its menu, especially its fish and seafood selection. Fortunately, there is at least salmon on the menu and you can order a grilled salmon fillet with roasted squash and herb chimichurri for $28.95. It’s a bit more than the $28 credit you get as a Priority Pass member (per person, up to two people), but it’s worth it for a good piece of fish.

We also ordered a Yankee salad ($14.50) with chicken breast on the side ($9.00). It ate up our free credit and we still had to tip, but it turned out to be a better lunch than at the United Club.

My daughter loved the chicken so much she grabbed it when the waiter put it on the table. Not appropriate, my dear.

However, I found the chicken not particularly interesting, but I liked the crisp romaine lettuce and candied pecans in the salad.

Of note, there are also new additions to the menu like all-day breakfast and a Beyond Burger.

If you’re not in the mood for a salmon fillet, I also recommend the fish tacos, which include three tacos with grilled Pacific cod on corn tortillas with tomatillo salsa and salad of cabbage. Always tasty.

Lastly, the coffee here is ok…there are better places at the airport, but the cappuccino was drinkable.


Yankee Pier remains one of my favorite Priority Pass restaurants. You can’t go wrong with the fish tacos or the grilled salmon. But next time I’ll try Bar & Grill mustardsa new addition to the Priority Pass restaurant network, and will be sure to post a review.

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