Fayemi threatens to sue over $ 418 million court debt claim


Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi threatened to sue the owner of Panic Alert Security System Limited, George Uboh, who accused him of claiming 10% of the 418 million judgment debts allegedly owed by States and their local governments to guarantee the Paris Club Reimbursement.

Judgment debts arose from various court judgments ordering payment from certain contractors and consultants for certain services and projects carried out for the various states and the 774 local government areas.

Some of the applicants are said to be consultants hired by states and local governments to ensure the recovery of funds over-deducted from their allocations between 1995 and 2002 to service the then London Club and Paris loans.

The contractors among the applicants were said to have been hired to carry out certain projects in the 774 local authorities in anticipation of being paid out of Paris Club reimbursements.

Uboh’s company was claiming $ 47,831,920 based on a consent judgment it obtained in lawsuit number FHC / ABJ / CS / 123/2018.

Fayemi, however, demanded a forensic audit of the contracts leading to the judgment and the full indebtedness.

Uboh, in an online media outlet, alleged that the governor demanded 10% of the judgment’s creditors and drafted a memorandum of understanding for the creditors to sign an agreement obliging Fayemi not to oppose payment of the judgment sum to creditors.

Fayemi, in a letter signed by his law firm, Akinboro & Co, called the allegation false, malicious, mischievous and calculated to scare him away, avoid or expose him to hatred, ridicule in front of his colleagues in Nigeria Governor’s Forum, Nigerians and others around the world.

Fayemi noted that the allegation had caused him pain and continues to suffer from severe humiliation, mental and emotional anguish, pain and suffering.

The governor, in the letter, asked Uboh to withdraw the publication from its online media and other platforms and issue an open apology for seven days with a request for 5 billion naira.

The letter read in part: “It is clear that your story is fabricated from scratch as you could not even mention the names of the attorneys you claimed our client had sent you, nor produce the alleged communications with your ghost or supposed proxy X showed you on his phone. Our client strongly believes that if all of the people you called X and Y Trustees exist (which are not licensed), they only exist in your twisted or perverted imagination.

“Further, given the false allegations in your post, friends, admirers, and other supporters who saw our clients as a staunch, upright, truthful, decent and honest Christian who he is, no longer see him in this way. angle, despite all his and continued efforts to demonstrate that the allegations contained therein were not true.

“Accordingly, we hereby demand the immediate removal of the March 31, 2021 post, from your online and other platform (s) and to issue immediately and daily for seven days an open apology to our client and NGF for the fake and malicious publication.

“In addition, we demand from you the immediate payment of the sum of 5 billion naira to our client for the completely false and malicious publication. We further inform you that failure or refusal on your part to respond to these requests within 14 days of the date hereof, would inexorably leave us no choice but to take legal action against you and to seek necessary legal remedies for and on behalf of our client. “

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