Hamburg’s Villa Viva becomes a place for meetings and networking

Be part of the neighborhood

Villa Viva will create approximately 65 jobs. The building is designed to leave the lowest possible ecological footprint during construction and operation. Recycled concrete, solar thermal energy, hot water tanks, rainwater harvesting systems and a special waste water treatment system are just some of the approaches. Sroka and Adrion joined the district advisory board of Münzviertel to avoid being perceived as an alien entity. “We also want to invite neighborhood residents to join us in our restaurant and bar. The neighborhood has the highest density of social institutions per capita, but few gastronomic offerings, Sroka said. Visitors to the restaurant can expect various dishes from the regions where Viva con Agua is active. And Hamburg-based chefs and restaurateurs have also announced special recipes for Villa Viva. “We will offer our meals for door-to-door sale through the kitchen window to employees in the neighborhood. And if you want to pay for a coffee, a soup or a main dish, you pay for the homeless.”


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