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ELKINS – The historic Tygart Hotel in Elkins will be undergoing a renovation in hopes of renewing activity in downtown Elkins.

The project is being led by Woodlands Development and Lending, with Morgantown’s architectural firm, The Mills Group, leading the redesign.

“Woodlands is a non-profit community development organization and the Tygart Hotel is a key structure in downtown Elkins,” said Dave Clark, executive director of Woodlands Development Group.

“It was not performing at its peak and at its optimum use,” I would say. So we were interested in doing it because it was really a high priority for the community to consider the redevelopment of the property, ”said Clark.

Clean-up work is underway and the project is in the financing phase.

“We are in the final stages of the funding phase. It’s a $ 16 million project. We are working to complete the entire financial package, with everything paid for the development of the building, ”he said.

Once the funding is complete, construction will begin.

“The next phase will be construction. It will be a 16 to 18 month process, and we will be looking to reopen in the spring of 2023, ”Clark said.

Although the Tygart Hotel is being renovated with modern touches, the renovation will seek to retain the historic qualities of its past.

“The challenge at Elkins with the deep roots we have and history, is to find the right balance between preserving our historic district and continuing to move forward and be a little more modern,” said Jerry Marco, Mayor of Elkins and Randolph County Development Authority board member.

The Randolph County Development Authority is an extension of the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce that aims to attract businesses to the county and make the process easier for those wishing to relocate to the area.

The organizations involved recognize the importance of preserving the historic importance of the Tygart Hotel while modernizing it while hoping to find this happy medium.

“This project for the Tygart hotel, I think the Woodlands Development Group and the Mills Group did a great job of mixing that up. This way, they will always be able to honor our past, as well as move forward and move forward, ”said Marco.

“Part of the funding we use and part of the vision is about maintaining the historic integrity of the building,” said Clark.

“We’re going to restore the balcony off Davis Avenue in Elkins, which is Main Street; (we’re) restoring 10 ceilings, and there’s a mosaic floor we’re going to restore, but it will look a lot like what it used to do when it was a hotel, ”Clark said.

Along with the restorations there will be new additions to the building.

“We have a project for a boutique hotel with 56 rooms. There will be a full restaurant and bar on the first floor. We’re going to have a banquet hall on the second floor that will lead to a balcony, ”Clark said.

The hotel will likely boost Elkins’ economy and rejuvenate downtown, officials say.

“The economic benefit this can bring to our downtown area is enormous. There will probably be 50 to 60 jobs available, which is great for our region. So we see an increase in positions there, ”said Marco.

“It’s going to be good for the tour train, so when people come here looking for a place to stay, they have more options. Just the effort to beautify it – it’s a great building with a lot of character, ”said Marco.

Elkins officials are hopeful that the Tygart Hotel and the area’s tourism industry will both benefit from the project.

“Before, we were in the position where we had the support of thriving coal mines and sawmills and, of course, the train. The excursion train is still there, but the other industries are still starting to disappear… so we have to rely on what we have, and that is our natural beauty, ”said Marco.

“The first main target audience right now is the kind of growing tourism base that is here in Elkins,” Clark said.

Taylor Hospitality of Arlington, Va. Will manage the property once the renovations are complete.

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