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4 Below Haggy’s Bar and Grill, located on Second Street, opened in 2019 and is approaching its third anniversary. Photo of PJ by Sara Holthouse

4 Below Haggy’s Bar and Grill, one of Jamestown’s newest restaurants, will be featured in an upcoming episode of America’s Best Restaurant Roadshow.

The restaurant, located at 104 East Second Street, opened on November 13, 2019 and was closed due to COVID six months later, reopening in June 2020. There are currently 16 people working there, including the owner, Eric Hagglund, sometimes known as Haggy.

Hagglund began his restaurant career at a few other locations in Jamestown, such as Tyson Foods, before opening his own restaurant.

“I had a lot of great ideas that I used to tell clients, then I decided to use those ideas myself after they continued to work for them, said Hagglund. “I started looking at buildings and closed this one in April 2019 and then we started renovations.”

As their third anniversary approaches, Hagglund said his restaurant was, and continues to be, family-oriented.

Eric Hagglund, owner of 4 Below Haggy’s Bar and Grill, will be featured on an upcoming episode of America’s Best Restaurant Roadshow. Photo of PJ by Sara Holthouse

“I named it Haggy’s because that was my grandfather’s nickname,” said Hagglund. “It was my dad’s nickname then, and now mine, and my daughter’s name is Haggy Junior. I work hard and I’m so successful because of them and my employees who are also like a family.

Hagglund credits his success to his family of employees, one of whom he helped with a breast cancer benefit after they were diagnosed, and all of whom he made an effort to bring back when they reopened after Covid.

“I was ok with losing money doing this because I knew they needed the job because they needed to be able to pay rent and afford to live,” said Hagglund. “I also have three employees who have been with me since the beginning, including my chef, Tom Mason and kitchen manager, Mary Mouser.”

4 Below, Haggy’s Bar and Grill ended up making America’s Best Restaurant Roadshow because the assistant executive producer reached out.

“The show’s assistant executive producer was assigned to do a restaurant in Jamestown and Fredonia because they would be in the area as they were going to a chicken wing festival in Buffalo,” said Hagglund. “They Googled us and saw our Facebook and our website and the work we were doing and contacted me. They wanted to help spread the word about us.

Following this, Hagglund had a Zoom call with the producers where he told them his story, including his severe dyslexia at a young age.

“Of course, that was about 35 years ago, and no one knew what to do about dyslexia back then,” said Hagglund. “They just thought I was stupid and couldn’t read. I was told that I would be lucky to become a ditch digger. So, my mom being the kind of person she was, found me special classes at Fredonia University, and I learned to read.

Living with dyslexia has led Hagglund to push for what he wants to do.

“I don’t let people tell me what I can and can’t do” said Hagglund. “I’m trying to pass that on to my daughter, Ireland. She’s going to be an underwater welder, which is usually a male-dominated industry. So, I passed that idea on to her as well.

After telling them her story, the marketing team reached out and set a time to film. They will be at the restaurant on September 2 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Hagglund said he was flattered to be the show’s chosen restaurant in Jamestown.

“There are many great restaurants in the Jamestown area,” said Hagglund. “I feel very lucky that they chose me. I’m friends with a lot of other restaurateurs here, because it’s the kind of community. They expressed how proud they are that we are the ones The show is also going to shine a light on Jamestown, not just us, so that helps everyone, not just me.

What Hagglund is most excited to have shown on the show is 4 Below’s food.

“I’m excited because food is a very big passion for me,” said Hagglund. “We also have special foods that we prepare here, and we have about ten to fifteen items on the special board. It also changes weekly, which is where most restaurants tend to keep it, so we’re unique on that front too.

While filming is scheduled for September 2, Hagglund doesn’t yet know when the episode will air.

“There will be a shoot, an interview with me, and then an interaction with clients,” said Hagglund. “Then they’ll put it all together and send it back to me to make sure I like it or to see if there’s anything I think needs to be changed. Then it’ll be shown sometime after all this which is done.

Hagglund thanked the city of Jamestown and its residents for their support over the years that may have led to this opportunity.

“I would like to thank Jamestown, the public and my regular customers for their support,” said Hagglund. “Without them, I really would have nothing. I would also like to thank my employees who come to work regularly. Without them, we wouldn’t be as successful. »

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