More bars and restaurants in Allentown require COVID vaccine

ALLENTOWN NY (WIVB) – There is a way for businesses in Erie County to avoid the mask warrant by requiring customers to be vaccinated. More and more businesses are demanding a vaccination warrant, including half a dozen bars and restaurants on Allen Street in Buffalo.

“It’s simpler and easier and less stressful for our workers,” said Marc Frisicaro, owner of Frizzy’s bar. “It’s just a business decision at the moment as we can’t take a setback right now and I don’t see anything improving. You know COVID is not going anywhere. “

Bars and restaurants along Allen Street are doing what they can to keep the community safe, and in recent times that has meant asking to see their customers’ ID cards and the COVID vaccine card.

“Almost all the bars on Allen Street were going with the vaccine warrant,” Frisicaro said. “It just made it a lot simpler and easier from a business point of view, security could just check if they have their vaccine card instead of being the mask police.”

Other Allen Street bars requiring a shot include The Old Pink, Nietzsche’s, Allen Street Hardware, and Colter Bay.

Mac McGuire, who helps run Nietzsche’s, said he implemented a vaccination warrant on September 17 after noticing musicians and patrons were reluctant to stop.

McGuire says he’s “glad we did. It puts people at ease. He added that it was “great to see other companies doing it”.

Buffalo Common Council member Mitch Nowakowski says he respects businesses in his district for taking the initiative and urges people to support local businesses.

“I think it also shows that the business world is really taking into account the times we live in, especially during COVID-19, and doing it based on their decision and not doing it on a mandate but they are doing it. do on their own volition, ”he said. “We need to do all we can to support local small businesses and restaurants to make sure they stay open. This pandemic has lasted long enough and we hope residents will take precautions and adhere to proven methods to reduce transmission of the virus and get vaccinated. “

Not all bars, restaurants and businesses in Allentown need the COVID vaccine. Companies that do not have to follow the Erie County Mask Mandate.

Sarah Minkewicz is a journalist who has been part of the News 4 team since 2019. See more of her work here.

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