Next restaurant voucher deal could be bigger than the first, says Ryan McMahon


Syracuse, NY – Onondaga County Manager Ryan McMahon said today he could launch a second phase of the county’s successful dining voucher program with even more than the $ 500,000 spent during the first round.

The initial voucher program sold out in less than five hours on Tuesday, during which the county sold 9,000 vouchers that provide matching funds of up to $ 100 to spend at any local restaurant.

These vouchers must be redeemed for a gift card (or a meal) before May 10. Once you have purchased a gift card, it will not expire. But any vouchers not used before May 10 will be voided and offered for resale by the county, McMahon said today.

Beyond that, McMahon said he is strongly considering a second coupons program that’s bigger than the first. He was surprised at how quickly the vouchers sold out, he said.

“I thought it was a good idea, otherwise we wouldn’t have done it. But it turned out to be a really good idea, ” McMahon said. “We were surprised by the success of this one.”

The program was started to boost $ 1 million in spending at local restaurants, which struggled during the pandemic lockdown. McMahon said he would like to add to this stimulus. He would also like to help potential customers who were frustrated with how quickly the good ones sold out, he said.

After reselling the remaining round one coupons in May, county officials will decide whether to offer a second round of coupons, McMahon said.

“We want to bring it back out there… for those who haven’t had a chance to get one,” he said.

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