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PHOENIX, AZ (3TV / CBS 5) – Jason Higgins is the owner of Jupiter Rings Wings & More. After suffering back-to-back burglaries in March, the burglars again targeted the restaurant just before Thanksgiving.

“I walked in and my registry was gone, and I walked into my office and my iMac was gone too,” Higgins said. A stone is enough for a burglar to enter the restaurant. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that a stone has been used to damage the building. It’s also not the first time that someone has walked in and stole valuables.

A stone is enough for a burglar to enter the restaurant.

It got so bad that Higgins’ old insurance company for the restaurant canceled coverage. “I had to call another company and take out a new insurance policy,” Higgins said. “But now this has to come out of my own pocket.”

This also includes cutting power cords, which spoils all food in the restaurant. This also includes the loss of income due to the restaurant closing for the holidays.

When the Local First Arizona nonprofit heard about what happened to Higgins, they wanted to let him know he had resources and options. “We knew we couldn’t just sit back and wait for something to happen,” said Thomas Barr, vice president of business for Local First AZ. “Our team helped him create a GoFundMe page. We called a glass company to help fix the glass, and we called the utility company to see how quickly we could turn on the power.” Barr says if a small business suffers financially for whatever reason, contact other small businesses nearby and look at potential grants or loans offered by the county.

As for Higgins, despite three burglaries in eight months, he does not give up either this place or his restaurant. “If I’m going to have anti-theft bars or whatever, if I’m going to have night security sitting in front of my house or throughout the mall, then that’s what we have to do,” Higgins said. “Even like I said, I’ll live here just so they don’t mess up my things.”

Jupiter Rings Wings & More break-in

Despite three burglaries in eight months, he does not abandon this place or his restaurant.

You can contribute to Higgins GoFundMe by clicking / typing here. Small businesses can start applying for county grants here. And businesses can complete a Maricopa County Business Assistance Form here.

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