Reviews | New York Times interview with Dan Goldman

Well, it has to be Adam Schiff, who I’ve worked hand in hand with and greatly admire.

Mara Gay: Thank you. And finally, what is your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood?

Well, my favorite restaurant has become my kids’ favorite restaurant, which is Bubby’s in TriBeCa. In a way, mac and cheese with an extra crispy topping is the dish they crave frequently.

Mara Gay: I like cookies.

The cookies are also amazing.

Kathleen Kingsbury: You are a former prosecutor and you have never held elected office. You live in Manhattan, but the majority of voters in that neighborhood are in Brooklyn. Can you explain a bit about why you think you are the best person to represent the district and what is your path to victory?

Sure. I have lived in the neighborhood for 16 years. I am raising my five children in the district, two of whom have or still go to school in Brooklyn Heights and others in TriBeCa. So I know the whole district very well. I have also worked in the district as an attorney in the southern district, protecting communities, supporting victims’ rights, protecting and trying to secure the community.

But at the end of the day, I’m running for Congress because I believe I have a unique set of skills and experience that respond to the moment we find ourselves in. And I think we’re in a really different time than we’ve been in with these threats to democracy that, you know, even under the administration of George W. Bush, we never would have imagined. I look forward to the days when we go back to discussing politics and we don’t actually argue about facts or whether we have a democracy.

But because I’ve been on the front lines leading the fight in Congress against Donald Trump and his Republican Party and trying to protect and defend our democracy, our institutions and our rule of law, I think it’s a set of skills and experience right now is really needed. Also, I think my experience as a congressional investigator is rarer than some other people’s experience. And I think the New York delegation – which has wonderful firebrands pushing this Overton window on politics – I think we in the New York delegation, but also across the country, could use someone who has a lot of experience in investigations and monitoring role. And that’s partly because I think we’re going to have to get creative and use investigations and surveillance in order to get results.

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