“Sex and the City drew women like me to New York in the 2000s. Now he’s ready to do it all over again.”


“Sex and the City really reflected real life in Manhattan around that time in the early 2000s – it showed the shit that was going on in media and fashion. One episode even shows what happened in my apartment! But it was an elitist world, and it lacked diversity. The new show will have to reflect diversity and verify its privilege, otherwise it will immediately feel dated, ”he reflected.

Florio predicts that New York will recover “because we are swimming in a bouillabaisse of diversity. People come here to be successful. New York has a vision, it has energy, it has dynamism. While he spends half his time in the Hamptons like many of his generation, he now sees Manhattan as the place of return for young designers to the city thanks to cheap rents. The counter-culture created on social media means that there are also pop-up events happening all over the city.

“New York is not going back,” he said. “When this world existed, there were institutions that you had to enter. Not now. Creators create on their own terms, on their own channels. They don’t need this hierarchy.

And just like that, it’s time to reconnect with New York.

The list of hotel actors from Sex and the City

By Jade Conroy

The Plaza, New York

New York’s Most Screen-worthy Grand Lady – who’s featured on TV shows from The Sopranos to Girls – is the location of Mr. Big’s engagement party for uh… Naginksy, or whatever her name is. , in the season two finale. We are spared the details of what is arguably the most beige of engagement parties, but the “Hubble” stage in the outer plaza remains one of the show’s most unforgettable moments. Double rooms from £ 479; read the full review.

The Hollywood Standard, Los Angeles

The girls are heading to LA for two episodes of season three, while Carrie’s columns are optional for a movie (hello Matthew McConaughey cameo). Where are they staying? The Standard, of course, the original “Naughty Noughties” party palace (before Chateau Marmont took the title). Lots of scenes were shot there: drinks with Sarah’s character Michelle Gellar at the bar, Carrie’s cutout neon green swimsuit by the pool, the half-naked man in the aquarium behind the front desk. It closed in January but its sister property downtown is still open. Doubles from £ 717; read the full review.

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