The east and west frontage roads develop differently

Drive along the west frontage route of I-55 from County Line Road to Northside Drive and you can stop to dine on Chinese cuisine, fried chicken, seafood and even Indian cuisine.

You can buy household appliances, new or used cars, alcohol, paint, an American flag as well as flags of many other countries, and even rent storage space.

You can also choose from a mix of budget hotels that include Motel 6, Studio 7, In Town Suites, Quality Inn, Baymont Inn by Wyndham, and Best Value Inn and Suites.

Compare I-55’s west frontage route between Briarwood Drive and Northside Drive to its east side counterpart and development appears to have taken a different turn.

Philip G. Holman, senior vice president of The Mattiace Company, can’t explain why West Frontage Road and East Frontage Road have evolved the way they have, but easy access to I-55 remains. a plus for both.

The West Frontage Road lacks a major retail business like that of the East Frontage Road, which includes Maywood Mart, Jacksonian Plaza, Deville Plaza, and just off the Frontage Road, Canton Mart Square.

“There’s less appeal to some people because there’s no Kroger, no Highland Village on that side,” Nancy M. Lane, principal broker at Lane-Harkins Commercial Real Estate, told About West Frontage Road.

The west frontage road does not have as much new development in the area behind it as the east frontage road does, and this could be a contributing factor to the progress of both areas, she said.

Lane believes that the change to one-way traffic on each service road has had an impact on the evolution of the layout of each service road. For many years the two front roads had two-way traffic.

Like many commercial real estate agents, Lane views an empty building as a business opportunity. Finding a buyer to occupy a vacant building is all about finding a business that fits the space well or someone who can reinvent the space with a new purpose, she said.

Holman has the listing for the building that once housed Fuddruckers and Luby’s cafeteria at 6572 I-55 North, which is located on West Frontage Road.

A bank and a restaurant have expressed interest in the property, he said. Early next year is the earliest a deal can be struck, he said.

Unlike residential transactions, commercial real estate transactions are complex and transaction time can take anywhere from four months to a year, he said, noting that details such as appraisals and financing tend to lengthen the time frame.

Holman also represents the I-55 Office Plaza at 4915 I-55, a garden-style office complex on West Frontage Road. “The anchor is Sylvan Learning Center, which has been around for 15 to 20 years,” he said.

The tenants include a mix of professionals as well as a corporate office and even a church, he said. An office complex can be a good location for a church due to the abundance of parking, and church members use the space most often on Sundays, while office tenants typically do not. , did he declare.

The former Regions Bank Operations Center at 4855 I-55 North, which includes approximately 5.7 acres of land on the West Frontage Road, recently sold for $795,000, according to the Auction Management website. Corp. The property was last offered at $4.75 million before the bank decided to put it up for auction, according to the website Auction Management Corp.

Holman said the buyer is considering converting the property into a self-storage facility.

Large buildings, no matter where they are, quite often require a buyer with a vision, Lane said.

“Sometimes people find it hard to imagine anything new when they walk through a building that’s all office space and has 9-foot ceilings,” she said. “You have to imagine what it could be.”

Gulf Guaranty Insurance moved to Flowood in the fall of 2020 and donated its building at 4785 I-55 on Hinds County West Frontage Road.

The Hinds County Emergency Operations Center and Hinds County Sheriff’s Department Dispatch Center plan to move into the former Gulf Guaranty Insurance building by the end of the year, after that the building will have undergone approximately $1.7 million in renovations.

A unit from the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department is already working on the building, Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones said.

Other redeveloped buildings on West Frontage Road include one at 4795 I-55, now occupied by Midtown Public Charter School, which moved from its location in the Midtown neighborhood, and the former Bonanza Restaurant, which is located at 4791 I-55 North and occupied by the church, Iglesia Cristiana Casa De Dios.

The West Frontage Road is home to several hotels. To ensure hotels are compliant with fire and safety codes, City of Jackson officials are conducting sweeps of hotels along the I-55 corridor, said Chloe Dotson, acting director of planning for Jackson. the town of Jackson. .

“We do these sweeps randomly, she said, noting that the checks will soon expand to hotels along the US 80 corridor.

Earlier this year, the sweeps led to the closure of the Olive Tree Hotel and Banquet Hall and the OYO Hotel, both located on West Frontage Road.

City code enforcement employees and the fire marshal worked together and closed the OYO Hotel at 4641 I-55 North in mid-September after finding safety code violations ranging from l fire, sanitation and electricity.

The Olive Tree Hotel and Banquet Halls at 5075 I-55 North was closed in May for security violations, including a non-functioning elevator, a faulty and missing fire alarm panel, and inadequate smoke detectors. The owners, Las Vegas Dragon Hotel, filed for a temporary restraining order with Hinds County Chancery Court asking a judge to block it.

The Regency Hotel on Greymont Street in downtown Jackson was also closed, but not on West Frontage Road.

However, it’s not all bad news when it comes to West Side hotels.

Owners of the former Best Value Inn and Suites, located on West Frontage Road near the intersection of Canton Mart Road, began work earlier this year to gut the hotel and rebuild it. They plan to rename it to the Studio Six motel.

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