Weekend recap: Eagle begins to hatch after sibling doesn’t survive first 24 hours

an eaglet died Saturday, just a day after hatching at the US National Arboretum. Her sister egg started “pipping” soon after and should fully hatch within the next 24 to 36 hours, the To post reports.

The cause of death is unknown for DC8, as the deceased eaglet is known as the eighth bald eagle egg to hatch at the Arboretum nest. The American Eagle Foundation said on Twitter that “often the first brood of a newly mated pair is not viable.” The parents, Mr. President and Lotus, took turns incubating and eating fish last weekend.

In other news…

Hundreds of Ukrainian Americans from the DMV gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for three hours yesterday to call on the United States and its allies to establish a no-fly zone, ship more effective weapons and provide more aid to refugees, reports the OMCP. Concerned about a possible escalation towards a world war, the Biden the administration is still against a US- or NATO-led no-fly zone. But local activists shouted “Shut the skies to Ukraine!” between reels of war footage and a video called “Close the Sky Lullaby”.

“President Volodymyr Zelensky recently declared that the truth is our weapon, our brave armed forces are dedicated and will defend every inch of our territory. But we need all the support we can get, with weapons, with financial and humanitarian aid, Oksana MarkarovaUkrainian Ambassador to the United States, said at the rally.

The focus was, unlike the previous focus in late February, during DC’s last big rally in support of Ukraine, on sanctions and arms aid in hopes of preventing a war. which started about a month ago, WUSA9 pointed out. But at the time, some protesters city ​​paper spoken with already felt that a war was not avoidable. Griffon Bouwens of Capitol Hill emphasized the need for air defense. Laura Daniel Southeast DC also said a war had already started in 2014, referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and backing separatist forces to fight Ukrainian troops in eastern DC. ‘Ukraine.

Yesterday, President Biden returned to Washington after a three-day trip to rally NATO allies in Europe. Local efforts to help those facing war also continued over the weekend, including a community event at Bethesda to make first aid kits for Ukrainians overseas. At Westland Middle School, residents packed bandages, rubbing alcohol, gloves and gauze. It was an effort by Ukrainian scouting organization Plast to connect DMV residents with a way to help those fighting in Ukraine and those fleeing to safety, NBC4 reports. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, more civilians could now flee via two humanitarian routes which opened on Sunday from hard-hit areas such as the city of Mariupol. Iryna Vereshchuk.

Ambar Castillo (tips? [email protected])

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  • Juan Carlos Amaya, An Uber driver who was shot in the Southeast on Friday said carjackers shot him dead after he handed over the keys to the car. He is recovering from injuries. [WUSA9]
  • The Republican National Committee is trying to smear the judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for his affiliation to the Cosmos Club. Here’s the deal on DC’s exclusive social club near Dupont Circle. [Post]
  • On Saturday, a vehicle accident sent a truck parked in Casabella Nail Salon on the 1400 block of Wisconsin Avenue NW in Georgetown. No injuries were reported and the salon reopened on Sunday after the windows and door were boarded up. [WUSA9]
  • The National Zoo came to the rescue with a first dose of anti-venom after a man was bitten by his African viper. This snake is considered one of the most venomous in the world. [NBC Washington]

By Ambar Castillo (tips? [email protected])

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